Our Agitations are alive and interactive events, which intention is to activate and animate settings of festivals and parties. The goal is to “shake” the environment of a given event through our presence and daily activities created in order to involve everyone so that, when the moment comes, both participants and audiences are ready to open up and fully enjoy themselves without judgement. We act as energy catalysts, as incentive andtrigger for everything to explode!

In this frame there are various formats through which Agitations can adapt to different setups of events, festivals, entertainments and/or parties. First of all we study the environment and setting in which the Agitation is going to take place, then we develop a strategy to interact with the people and the surrounding. In the end we organize a final happening to recollect experiences or an interactive party that includes everybody. The possibilities are infinite.

A perfect example is represented by Festival Deltebre Dansa 2018 in which we organized small “agitations” throughout the week to then end up with a last night of “Soul Train Deltebre”: an open night of improvisations in which everyone simply jumped on stage to dance and have fun without judging.

One more example could be the Agitation designed together with the group Ceviche Show Musical, which took place during one of its concert with the goal of shaking and animating the audience.

Long story short, we come to your house and make sure people have fun and lose their minds.

Agitations CV

  • Agitation / Event – “Soul Train Deltebre” Dance Festival Deltebre Dansa, Tarragona, Spain. 2018
  • Agitation / Action – “Acera Playing” Contemporary Art Festival Inund’Art, Girona, Spain. 2013
  • Agitation / Action – “Conference” 8o Asalto International Urban Art Festival, Zaragoza, Spain. 2013
  • Agitation / Event – “Juegos del Agua” Bellastock Experimental Arquitecture Festival. Madrid, Spain. 2013
  • Agitation – Music Band Colaboration with Ceviche Show Musical, Sala Marula Café , Barcelona, Spain. 2013