“Aperitivo” is a short presentation of the universe of Luis García and Pere Joseph, Los Informalls. They are to guys led by seriousnes, order and discipline that come together to present their way to understand art and life, a life full of contradictions, irony and humor.

The piece its a mixture between movment, voice, laughter and playfullnes were the mistakes take main roll as a tool to break the stablishment opening a window where life and art can rise. Their question is How can we be without acting? What are the channels  we can use to free  ourselves from judgement? Where is the important of our exsistence?

“Aperitivo” by Los Informalls it is an adaptation of their long piece and main dish “Entrails” where the challenge is to take away all the layers in order to find the limits of our identity.

CV Aperitivo

  • (Premiere) Per Amor al’Hart – Hospitalet – Barcelona // 18th September 2020