Imagine three friends who gather together to jump off a plane. They jump but they are so motivated that they realize they forgot the parachute only after the free fall has already started, they don’t care! They already had the momentum and meter by meter they earned experience. They didn’t know why but they felt better and better as they were falling, everything was about finding strategies to delay the impact on the floor. Since that first jump it has been eleven years and they are still flying somewhere in the sky, flipping and spinning around encouraging people to jump off their planes without fear of crashing. Some people say that they are already dead but others claim they survived the impact and jumped again and again. 

Elenigmadelafruta is Emilio (Enigma), Luis (Fruta) and Pere (Pera). Three inseparable friends who gathered to make things happen, all kinds of things, all kinds of ideas. Their acts were kind and optimistic, they were creating healthy environments to participate and interact actively. Even though their acts could look like whatever, if you look a bit closer you realize the impact they had and the power they carried on many different levels. The goal was to step out the ordinary, to create a “sympathetic rebellion” on the edge of the politically correct. Guerrilla artists, on the front line with only a few resources and supported by the playfulness, the humor and the “apology of silliness” used as tools to awaken their environments and remove the seriousness of the contemporary art circle which they didn’t feel identified with.

Everything started at the University of Fine Arts of Madrid around 2009 and the activity of the collective had been insane until 2015, year in which each of us took different paths to enrich his own needs. We have not been able to reinvent the project in order to adapt it to the real world: Elenigmadelafruta represented the highest form of art for each of us and we couldn’t find the way to keep going with it without betraying its fundamentals statements and principals. We decided to keep it real for us, keep its purity. It  simply didn’t fit in a world full of rules that were crashing with us all the time limiting the real nature of it.

Elenigmadelafruta is an attitude, a way to understand and face our lives and projects. It can not die, it will never die, we will always carry it on wherever we go and whatever we will be doing. It is our way to understand art and action and we want to thank Emilio Rivera Peña for helping us to build all of this. Elenigmadelafruta and Los Informalls are the same but different.


“It is not about building a new world, a world that one day we will conquer, a better tomorrow. It is not about this, this is not going to happen. To do this kind of practice represents somehow to re-appropriate our lives, to breach your life, to give another meaning to your life. Today is the day, now is the moment!” Leonidas Mart


  • 2014 – Collective exhibition “ConviDados” Dados Negros Foundation by Pepe Buytrago. La Mancha Spain
  • 2013 – The Asalto Festival. Eighth edition of the International Urban Art Festival. Zaragoza, Spain
  • 2013 – Collaborative Concert of Ceviche Show Musical seasoned by Elenigmadelafruta. Barcelona. Spain
  • 2013 – Inund’Art Festival. Meeting emerging multidisciplinary art show. Girona, Spain
  • 2013 – 2nd Edition of Arquitecture Festival BELLASTOCK[ES], Madrid
  • 2012 – Yapp & botkyrka project, with Toby Lynas. Spring 2012 Stockholm, Sweden
  • 2012 – Adentrarse en el arte. Pedagogic Project with the collaboration of FUHEM, Madrid
  • 2012 – Exposition MilesKm- with Will Slater- The Bussey Building, London
  • 2012 – «Nuestro granito de fruta» Philosophy workshop in FUHEM foundation, Madrid
  • 2012 – Collaboration with Boa Mistura & Certain Risk. Diamond Inside
  • 2011 – Conference- «La respuesta al enigma», Trapezio space, Madrid
  • 2011 – Collective Exhibition – Contrahegemonias, Trapezio Space, Madrid
  • 2011 – Collective Exhibition, Niu Gallery, Barcelona
  • 2011 – Matadero – Judge Vicente Todolí & “el Ranchito”. Madrid
  • 2011 – Centro ARTE Complutense- End of Bachelor Exhibition, Madrid
  • 2011 – Show of “elenigmadelafruta” Shortfilm in Caixa Forum Madrid
  • 2011 – Conference in Fine Art’s Faculty of UCM, “La creatividad como fruto… Digo como futuro” Madrid
  • 2010 – Individual Exhibition, Elenigmadelafruta Akademie der Bildenden Kunst, Múnich
  • 2010 – Collective Exposition, Museo Cervantes, Múnich
  • 2010 – Workshop in Arquitecture Faculty, “Urban interventions” Polytechnic University of Madrid
  • 2010 – Day of “Art today and Elenigmadelafruta in action” Lourdes High School, FUHEM de Madrid
  • 2009 – Collective Exhibition “Jabberwocky” Fine Arts Faculty of the UCM, Madrid. (Censured piece)
  • 2009 – Wall painting Exhibition in the 2º Weekday of Art in Valle del Tietar. Ávila, Spain