“Innards with chips”, a love story between Luis and Pere who, bounded by a profound friendship, decided to travel across fear by exploring the Ridiculous and the full exposition and expression of all the aspects that shape their identity. 

The fundamental element of the proposition is the repetition of certain text’s fragments and scenes, which make them aware of the inevitable mutability of life. Nothing remains and everything exists through constant change as it does their identity and the perception they have of their own self. Movement, playfulness, voice and humor are their chosen vehicles to embark on a one-way journey to embrace acceptance: once they take off there is no way back. 

In this frame mistake and failure are essential tools in building an organic and ever-changing history existing on the thin margin between risk and control. Two mutants in a pièce full of life in which most of the issues remain purposely open in ordered to be solved on the stage together with the audience.

Direction: Pere Joseph  and Luis García 

Muusic: Pol Jubany and Mattia Sinigaglia.
Lights and costume: Valentina Azzati.
Outside Eye: Piero Steiner and La Otra Familia.

On stage: Pere Joseph, Luis García and Valentina Azzati.

Photo: Tristán Pérez-Martín

Lenght: 55 min // Indoor piece.

Collaborators: L’Animal a l’Esquena, Casa Bolivia Now, CC Barceloneta, Cafe de las Artes Teatro, Almacen 9, Konvent Zero.