​​The professional circuit of the performing arts in which we live makes it very difficult to present works in unofficial ways, there are almost no platforms where there is an opportunity to share ideas in progress or simply get on stage, improvise and practice. From this drive we began to create our own open stages.

The Informal Open Stages are an open scenic meeting point to present any type of proposal. A space to practice the act of jumping on stage and improvise with whatever appears. A dynamic event in which we (Luis and Pere, Los Informalls) act as catalysts for a friendly atmosphere that gives everyone the freedom to go on stage regardless of the result.

We feel that platforms like this are needed to streamline the scene. Crude and raw places where you can jump on stage, share and challenge each other without writing dossiers or paying a ticket to enter or simply stop by to watch and have a beer without commitment. Generate new audiences that understand that the performing arts go much further than simply going to the theater or official venues. We believe in the core of our profession and the Open Stages are our way of making the invisible visible. These kinds of platforms have been our best teachers for years, places where you face all your fears, where you learn to deal with failure and sustain the unsustainable.

The Open Stages are free and usually in public spaces as a way to claim the street and open our practice, we believe that our profession should be more accessible and with this proposal we want to get closer to our roots and be faithful to our reality, a reality with few means and a lot of desire, do you dare?

Currículum Impros

  • Open Stage 6 / El Nuria Social, Olot, Catalonia, Spain. March 2022.
  • Open Stage 5 / Madrid. Feb 2022.
  • Open Stage – Konvent Zero Berga, Barcelona, Spain. 2021
  • Exploding Fest – Barcelona, Spain 2021
  • Open Stages – 3 Editions. Barcelona, Spain. 2021 
  • Night of Improvisations – Si Los Martes Fueran Viernes. Barcelona, Spain. 2021
  • Circus Cabaret – Mueca Festival Internacional de Arte en la Calle, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain. 2019
  • Circus Cabaret – Ukelønn Kontemporær Sirkuskabarét, Trondheim, Norway. 2019
  • Exploding Fest – Fabra & Coats, Barcelona, Spain. 2018/2019
  • Outdoors Stage – Kalamata International Dance Festival, Kalamata, Greece. 2018
  • Circus Cabaret – Christmas in BoliviaNow, Barcelona, Spain. 2018
  • Protocolo 8 – Festival Hop, Mercat dels Flors, Barcelona, Spain. 2018
  • EO! Open Stage – “Espaguetis” NunArt Guinardó. Barcelona, Spain. 2017
  • EO! Open Stage – “Bucle” NunArt Guinardó. Barcelona, Spain. 2017
  • Open Stage – “Ugly Style Party” Salzburg, Austria. 2016
  • Open Stage – “El Principio” Ibiza Contact Festival. Ibiza, Spain. 2015
  • Open Stage – “Políticamente Incorrecto” Mozarteum Thomas Bernhard Institut. Salzburg, Austria. 2014
  • Open Stage – “Por la Cara Party” – Salzburg, Austria. 2014
  • Street Show – “No nos dejes morir de frío” – Salzburg, Austria. 2014
  • Street Show – “Acera Playing” Festival Inund’Art – Girona, Spain. 2013
  • Informalls Showings – Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (SEAD) – Salzburg, Austria. 2013 – 2017