If we would have to put on a label in order for you to understand what we do we would probably tell you we are dancers and we dedicate ourself do Dance. If we would have to be more specific we would tell you that our specialty is improvisation: the pure improvisation which consist in diving into the abysm of unknown in any given situation, challenging ourself to create live performances on spot. 

The full variety of aspects, which hide behind the term Improvisation, is what establishes the foundations on which both our art and our life are based upon. Of many practices, improvisation is the one that best allows us to discover and define who we are and why we do what we do.

Performances based on improvisation along with all of those platforms that support this approach such us Open Stages, Informal Showings, Battles amongst others, shape our native habitat.

In our view, Improvisation is the purest state of life put on a stage: courage, listening, fear, presence, accepting mistakes…although mistakes do not actually exist in this frame. It is our way of growing up and learn how to allow ourself to mess it up in front of an audience. We claim the value and worth of “messing it up” ! The way you face your own shit is what defines who you really are.

This being said, our proposition consists in creating platforms which give the freedom to metaphorically “throw yourself” on stage and take it over. We give ourself the opportunity of this toss and for everybody else to dive into the emptiness of the stage as a mean to revive the performing arts environments and their audiences through a tangible, playful and fun practice without filters. Do you dare try? 

Currículum Impros

  • Circus Cabaret – Mueca Festival Internacional de Arte en la Calle, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain. 2019
  • Circus Cabaret – Ukelønn Kontemporær Sirkuskabarét, Trondheim, Norway. 2019
  • Exploding Fest – Fabra & Coats, Barcelona, Spain. 2018/2019
  • Outdoors Stage – Kalamata International Dance Festival, Kalamata, Greece. 2018
  • Circus Cabaret – Christmas in BoliviaNow, Barcelona, Spain. 2018
  • Protocolo 8 – Festival Hop, Mercat dels Flors, Barcelona, Spain. 2018
  • EO! Open Stage – “Espaguetis” NunArt Guinardó. Barcelona, Spain. 2017
  • EO! Open Stage – “Bucle” NunArt Guinardó. Barcelona, Spain. 2017
  • Open Stage – “Ugly Style Party” Salzburg, Austria. 2016
  • Open Stage – “El Principio” Ibiza Contact Festival. Ibiza, Spain. 2015
  • Open Stage – “Políticamente Incorrecto” Mozarteum Thomas Bernhard Institut. Salzburg, Austria. 2014
  • Open Stage – “Por la Cara Party” – Salzburg, Austria. 2014
  • Street Show – “No nos dejes morir de frío” – Salzburg, Austria. 2014
  • Street Show – “Acera Playing” Festival Inund’Art – Girona, Spain. 2013
  • Informalls Showings – Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (SEAD) – Salzburg, Austria. 2013 – 2017