La Otra Familia is a collective of five people coming from diverse backgrounds who gathered together because of their love for performing arts. They met five years ago while studying at Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance where they started a journey as a collective of young independent artists. Five different individuals complementing each other to make their common vision come true and create one big family: La Otra Familia.

The collective won the audience price in the 30 Certamen Coreográfico of Madrid with the piece “All these places have their moments”. After creating “Make a wish my dear” in 2018 each of the members started creating his/her own work waiting for the right moment to reactivate the collective and create together again.

La Otra Familia is formed by Patricia Hastewell (Catalonia), Alexandros Anastasiadis (Greece), Giulia Tornarolli (Italy) and us, Luis García and Pere Joseph. Our collaboration with them represents another way to create another languages and another universes. They are our best teachers, supporters and battle friends, they are our “other family”.