During our collaboration we came up with a routine for creation periods: a daily hour of warm up during which the main focus is to “not disconnect”. A way of warming up our taste and imagery and work on presence and “stage concentration”. It is not a class, no-one leads; we set up the space with objects we put on a playlist, press play and off we dance!

We firmly believe that there is no need of separating the warmup from the practice/dancing, we rather prefer to mix the two so that we can dance our warmup, dance our stretching, dance our workout while being present for the whole time. To put it in the words of dancer and teacher Martin Kilavady: ours are “High Performativity Warm Ups”.

Undoubtedly, the warmup time turned out to be the best part of the day as it became a place in which we could do whatever we felt like, loose ourself in our own trip or in the other’s one. It started out as our personal warm up but after some time we started to invite some close friends and colleagues to join in: it is not until we decided to open it up to all types of audiences that we realized the true potential of such a platform that can welcome everybody from the professional dancers, performers to teenagers and people who don’t have anything to do with the stage and even your Grandmother if she feels like. Until now, the age range we have hosted is from 16 to 65 years old and the most fascinating and beautiful thing is to see how, in this context, professionals and amateurs manage to mix together without any noticeable difference. What you see is a space full of people dancing, playing and creating inside a common universe.

Additionally, the Warmups are our proposition to boost the places we go to, through an open call for everyone to join us in this routine. It is our way of presenting ourselves and say: “Hi, we are Los Informales and we came here to dance! Are you in?”.

Warm Ups CV

  • Bolívia Now Space – One week. Barcelona, Spain. 2019
  • Almacén 9 – Two weeks. Madrid, Spain. 2019
  • Café de las Artes – Two weeks. Santander, Spain. 2019
  • Studio 8 – Inside Ibiza Contact Dance Festival. Ibiza, Spain. 2019
  • Centro Cívico Barceloneta – Three weeks. Barcelona, Spain. 2019