Try out daring ideas, solve unexpected situations, fail without fear… This workshop challenges you to confront your inner demons and step out of your comfort zone. Because Los Informalls are convinced that we need more places and opportunities to let go, have fun and lose our minds: “if everyone danced more, the world would be a better place”.

The techniques, tools and approaches they use have been developed based on years of experience in improvisation and stage performance. They provide a comfortable and safe environment, where everyone can experiment without judgement, with the body as a tool and physicality as a medium.

Our training includes a variety of elements from the pure physicality of dance, contact impro and acrobatics to music, singing or theater, all of it within the framework of improvisation.

Los Informals is a lifestyle, it is about dancing  and performing  24/7.

All kinds of different activities and format have crossed our path: workshops for school kids, trainings for professional dancers, regular classes for teenagers and adults, recreational activities for office groups, guided warmups for dance jams, specific activities for high school groups amongst others.

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Workshops CV

  • Regular classes in Teatro Pradillo, Madrid, Spain. 2022
  • Intensive workshop in Descalzinha Danza, Madrid, Spain. 2022
  • Creation and profesional training fro FreeBodies Company, Barcelona, Spain. 2021
  • Escuela de Música SONA – “Enjoy your stage fright II” Barcelona, Spain. 2021
  • Proyecto Colmena – “Informal Training” Barcelona, Spain. 2020
  • HOP Festival – “Tontact & other Stories” Barcelona, Spain. 2019
  • Centro Botín – “Visit / Experience” Santander, Spain. 2019
  • Descalzinha Dance School – “Trainings with Fruta” Madrid, Spain. 2019
  • Ibiza Contact Improvisation Festival  – “Tontact” Ibiza, Spain. 2019
  • SONA Musical School / Recreational Activity for office group – “Release your Monster” Barcelona, Spain. 2019
  • SONA Musical School – “Enjoy your stage fright” for kids. Barcelona, Spain. 2018 / 2019
  • C.E.I.P Vital Alsar – “Dance & Playfulness” several groups of children. Santander, Spain. 2019 
  • ToolBäks multidisciplinary jam – “Guide warm up” Barcelona, Spain. 2019
  • Summer Camp – “Dance & Playfulness” several groups of children. Ibiza, Spain. 2019
  • La RED Festival  – “Dance your Fruit” Santander, Spain. 2018
  • Fundació Ludàlia – “Dance & Playfulness” group with functional diversity. Barcelona, Spain. 2017
  • Svaneke School – Contact Improvisation dance workshop. Bornholm, Denmark. 2017
  • Espacio Xisto – “Motion Scan” Salvador de Bahia, Brazil. 2016
  • Escologia Circus School – “Temperando Sua salada louca” Salvador de Bahia, Brazil. 2016
  • Utopian Theater School – “Your movement flourishes” Bilbao, Spain. 2015
  • La Fábrica Dance School – “Dance your Fruit” Barcelona, Spain. 2015
  • Political Bodies Dance Congress – “Voice and stage presence” Hamburg, Germany. 2015
  • SEAD Dance School / Regular Classes – “Breakdance for Adults” Salzburg, Austria. 2013/17
  • UPM University of Architecture – “New Flavours” with Elenigmadelafruta. Madrid, Spain. 2011
  • FUHEM Lourdes School – “Art, philosophy & education” with Elenigmadelafruta. Madrid, Spain. 2010